Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cain Habano

Origin : Esteli, Nicaragua

Format: Belicoso/Torpedo
Size : 5 x 50
Ring : 50
Composition: Esteli Ligero, Condega Ligero, Jalapa Ligero with "other tobaccos"

Price : Unknown


At this year's IPCPR show in New Orleans, cigars smokers will be treated to another wave of exciting and new cigar releases.  Some may be dog-rockets and others are sure to be gems.  One of these highly anticipated and sure successes will be Cain by Oliva Cigar Co.  Cain is the creation of Sam Leccia creator of NUb cigars.  It was designed to be a "Straight Ligero" cigar but contains "other tobaccos for a true burn.  The[se] other tobaccos make no significant contribution to flavor."  From what we all know of ligero it comes from the top of the tobacco plant and yields the thickest and smallest leaves of the plant, yet also the most flavorful.  Because of these traits, special care must be taken from harvest to blending to bring balance in use of these tobaccos.  And especially so in creating a straight ligero cigar.  Well after having a chance to sample a pre-release Cain thanks to Sam, I would have to say he has another successful creation on his hands.

Here are my thoughts and impressions:

Appearance : ★★★★½

The Cain Habano sports a beautiful dark brown habano wrapper.  It had a nice sheen from the oils and was fairly smooth with minimal tooth and veining.  The band is simple and yet distinct.  Placed at the foot it has a black background with dual gold bands at the top & bottom and 'Cain Straight Ligero' text.  

Construction : ★★★★☆
The cigar was well constructed from head to foot.  No hard or soft spots and a very even wrapper color.  The cap was well placed and came off effortlessly with my trusty cutter.  The cigar took the flame from my lighter very well and lit without any issues.  The burn stayed fairly straight except during the final third.  This surprised me since ligero is the slowest tobacco to burn and I wouldn't have been surprised by more burn issues.  The ash was white and some what flakey but again I think this is due to all the ligero.  The draw was a bit loose in the beginning but did come around to a more medium draw as I progressed through it.


Flavor : ★★★★☆
Cain was a bit of a flavor enigma for me.  I was so taken aback by the power and intensity of the smoke, yet surprised at how very smooth and enjoyable the taste was.  Mostly there is a rich tobacco flavor with smoky wood.  As the cigar progressed it had an intense burst of spice which was on the front of the tongue.  The retrohale was anything but smooth.  Like the resting smoke, the retrohale was intense and almost brought me to tears.  The body seemed mostly medium to medium-full at the end.


Value : ? (probably ★★★★½)

Not yet knowing the MSRP I can't speak to their value, but in all honesty if the price point follows other Oliva Cigar Co. cigars, Cain will be a tremendous value.  It will certainly pack the punch if that's what your seeking.


Overall Rating★★★★½

I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar.  I started the day with it, so when I was done I could feel it in my gut.  Next time it will follow a meal.  Cain is a definite powerhouse and probably shouldn't be tried by anyone with a weak stomach.  It grabs you and takes charge.  It is a unique smoking experience and I will be anxiously waiting for the full release so I can grab a box.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lately I've been so lucky...

So if you follow me on Twitter, you've seen just how lucky I've been lately.

Earlier this year I blogged about some of the cigar contests I had won. After winning about three of them, people started telling my that I had used up all of my luck in one brief stint.

Oh how they were wrong.

Earlier this week I received a package from Jon Huber at
CAO International. I was expecting this package after talking to him on Twitter about a ring that he had shown a couple of months ago.

Since the day he posted this pic, it has been my wallpaper at work. I've looked at them everyday and have spent hours pining for the day that I could wear one of them. Well three weeks ago I met the regional sales rep for CAO, Jeff Tinnell. He was wearing the Mx2 from above and told a story of how Jon had told him he could have the America when I got back to Nashville. The light in my head went off and I figured as long as he was handing them out, I better get in line and ask for one.

So I sent Jon a DM (Direct Message on Twitter) asking what I could do to get one of the remaining rings. I didn't hear back from him for a week or so because he was busy kicking of the Rock-n-Rolled Tour in MI & FL. He did get back to me once things calmed down for him. He said the ONLY one left was the Gold (far left) and that it was a 10-1/2. I told him that I would have to wear it like the pic, on my right pinkie, but that I would love to have it. Again I asked what I could do to get it. He came back and asked for my address and said it was mine. At this point I almost freaked out because how lucky I was and how nice Jon was to me.

So that is the back-story of the package that I was waiting for this week. So then Tuesday night comes around and we get home to the package waiting at the door. I was so excited that I immediately opened the box. Millie then thought something was terribly wrong because I was gasping and freaking out more than when I knew I was getting the ring. Jon had surprised me by including with the ring, a Rock N Rolled Bandanna, a sampler of Lx2's (a Beli, Toro & Rob) and a poker-chip/business card. I could barely contain my excitement. I tweeted with the pic that this felt like a top-10 life moment. I could not believe my luck.

Thanks again Jon.

Then the very next day, Wednesday, we were going to the Rockies-Astros games with phenomenal seats 16 rows up behind third base. These are tickets that Ruthie was given by a work-friend. That morning I told her that I was going to try to win tickets to Game 5 of the Nuggets-Mavericks Playoff Series. At that point the Nugs lead the series 3-1, so this could be the series dagger. In order to win tickets from Qwest, you had to be following @TicketQwest on twitter to get clues to a code word. Then show up at their location, give the code word and draw out a shirt from the table. If the shirt had 'Qwest' written on the inside of the shirt you would win 2 court side tickets to the game that night.

Well lunch came around and after discovering that the code word was "Qwest Wi-Fi", Chris and I went to the Qwest store to take a shot at winning the tickets. We walked into the store shortly after 12:00 when the contest started and there was already winner of one of the two pair of tickets. So from the get-go our chances of winning were less. I walked up and gave the code word.
Andrea Zediker with Qwest recognized me because this was the third time I had tried to win tickets in their contest. We said the obligatory 'The third time is a charm' mantra and I reached into the pile to grab an XL large t-shirt [because we all know how great a size or two too small of a t-shirt looks on me. ;) ]. Andrea took the shirt to inspect for the winning writing. She gave that look of you haven't won but I want to tease you by making you think that you have. Others in the room said that she had be doing that to everyone. She jumped back and said she wasn't kidding and revealed the writing on the inside of the shirt.

Once again I was completely freaked out. I was completely blown away.

Needless to say we chose to go the Nuggets game vs. the Rockies game. We had a great time. I knew this would be the case and Ruthie confirmed it, that she'd never be able to attend a regular game in regular seats again. This experience was the true pinnacle of basketball games for both of us.

Thanks Qwest.

Here is some of the video that I shot while at the game.

Here's the YouTube link for a bigger picture.

Not only have I been lucky with contests and gifts lately, but I've been even more lucky to have great friends all across the country, a beautiful daughter Millie, my mini-me Ryan and my super-sexy wife Ruthie.

Monday, April 20, 2009

On April 22, Celebrate Exploit-the-Earth Day

This week as much as Wednesday, we will be inundated with reminders of how horrible and destructive the human race is. (How we've survived this long is beyond me.) We will be talked to about recycling, solar power, canvas totes instead of paper or plastic, CFL bulbs and a slew of other "green" ideas. Now don't get me wrong, conservation has it's place. Conservation is my mind is equal to common sense and balance.

A few years back we were faced with a poor winter and subsequent drought. As a result our city water company put restrictions on the day of the week, time of day and minutes per zone for watering our lawns. This made sense because there was an immediate limit to the water supply. Most everyone complied and got by with using less water. We were told this was not only necessary but that it would save us all money. Makes sense right? In the short term it did. But then cities started raising their rates to compensate for the reduction in use. So in the end, people use less and still pay the same. (Way to go, Guys!)

Now, about natural resources. (Cue the sky-is-falling people) Oil, Coal, Natural Gas, Trees, etc... We already use everyone of these resources more efficiently than we did 10 years ago or 50 years ago or 100 years ago. Now I'll admit that we consume more, but that's more in part to population than it is wasteful use. And I'm willing to bet all that I have or will ever have on the fact that we will continue to become more efficient with our use of these resources. But not because we are going to run out tomorrow, but because that's what we do. We find a way to do something better, we always have and always will. So in the short-term I think it's ludicrous to place outrageous restrictions on the collection and use of these resources. Again, common sense and balance.

Anyway, I started writing this post after reading an Op-ed from The Objective Standard by Craig Biddle. I thought Mr. Biddle was spot-on. Here is the Op-ed.

On April 22, Celebrate Exploit-the-Earth Day
by Craig Biddle

Because Earth Day is intended to further the cause of environmentalism—and because environmentalism is an anti-human ideology—on April 22, those who care about human life should not celebrate Earth Day; they should celebrate Exploit-the-Earth Day.

Exploiting the Earth—using the raw materials of nature for one’s life-serving purposes—is a basic requirement of human life. Either man takes the Earth’s raw materials—such as trees, petroleum, aluminum, and atoms—and transforms them into the requirements of his life, or he dies. To live, man must produce the goods on which his life depends; he must produce homes, automobiles, computers, electricity, and the like; he must seize nature and use it to his advantage. There is no escaping this fact. Even the allegedly “noble” savage must pick or perish. Indeed, even if a person produces nothing, insofar as he remains alive he indirectly exploits the Earth by parasitically surviving off the exploitative efforts of others.

According to environmentalism, however, man should not use nature for his needs; he should keep his hands off “the goods”; he should leave nature alone, come what may. Environmentalism is not concerned with human health and well being—neither ours nor that of generations to come. If it were, it would advocate the one social system that ensures that the Earth and its elements are used in the most productive, life-serving manner possible: capitalism.

Capitalism is the only social system that recognizes and protects each individual’s right to act in accordance with his basic means of living: the judgment of his mind. Environmentalism, of course, does not and cannot advocate capitalism, because if people are free to act on their judgment, they will strive to produce and prosper; they will transform the raw materials of nature into the requirements of human life; they will exploit the Earth and live.

Environmentalism rejects the basic moral premise of capitalism—the idea that people should be free to act on their judgment—because it rejects a more fundamental idea on which capitalism rests: the idea that the requirements of human life constitute the standard of moral value. While the standard of value underlying capitalism is human life (meaning, that which is necessary for human beings to live and prosper), the standard of value underlying environmentalism is nature untouched by man.

The basic principle of environmentalism is that nature (i.e., “the environment”) has
intrinsic value—value in and of itself, value apart from and irrespective of the requirements of human life—and that this value must be protected from its only adversary: man. Rivers must be left free to flow unimpeded by human dams, which
divert natural flows, alter natural landscapes, and disrupt wildlife habitats. Glaciers must be left free to grow or shrink according to natural causes, but any human activity that might affect their size must be prohibited. Naturally generated carbon dioxide (such as that emitted by oceans and volcanoes) and naturally generated methane (such as that emitted by swamps and termites) may contribute to the greenhouse effect, but such gasses must not be produced by man. The globe may warm or cool naturally (e.g., via increases or decreases in sunspot activity), but man must not do anything to affect its temperature. And so on.

In short, according to environmentalism, if nature affects nature, the effect is good; if man affects nature, the effect is evil.

Stating the essence of environmentalism in such stark terms raises some illuminating questions: If the good is nature untouched by man, how is man to live? What is he to eat? What is he to wear? Where is he to reside? How can man do anything his life requires without altering, harming, or destroying some aspect of nature? In order to nourish himself, man must consume meats, fruits, and vegetables. In order to make clothing, he must skin animals, pick cotton, manufacture polyester, and the like. In order to build a house—or even a hut—he must cut down trees, dig up clay, make fires, bake bricks, and so forth. Each and every action man takes to support or sustain his life entails the exploitation of nature. Thus, on the premise of environmentalism, man has no right to exist.

It comes down to this: Each of us has a choice to make. Will I recognize that man’s life is the standard of moral value—that the good is that which sustains and furthers human life—and thus that people have a moral right to use the Earth and its elements for their life-serving needs? Or will I accept that nature has “intrinsic” value—value in and of itself, value apart from and irrespective of human needs—and thus that people have no right to exist?

There is no middle ground here. Either human life is the standard of moral value, or it is not. Either nature has intrinsic value, or it does not.

On April 22, make clear where you stand. Don’t celebrate Earth Day; celebrate Exploit-the-Earth Day—and let your friends, family, and associates know why.

So please join with me as I celebrate Exploit-the-Earth Day. We're overdue for some common sense and balance.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Adventure to SkyVenture

We just got back from taking the kids to SkyVenture.  At SkyVenture you get to go indoor skydiving in a vertical wind tunnel.  After a short training video, the kids got suited up in elbow and knee pads, jumpsuit, earplugs, goggles and helmet.  (By this time Ryan was pretty freaked out and was no longer interested in flying.)  Everyone files into a chamber just off the vertical wind tunnel.  One by one each person gets taken into the VWT by the instructor, who provides guidance and support (mostly so you don't end up on your back or crashing into the wall).

Here is a quick clip of Millie and Ryan second one-minute flights:

Although Ryan was freaked out, he did say he had fun when it was all done, but he didn't want to do it again.  (At least for today) 

Millie did awesome and only got scared when she looked down.  (Can really blame her,when you are walking on/floating above a wire mesh which is 40'-50' above the turbines.)

At the end they ended up with certificates to mark the day.  This will truly be a memorable weekend for a long time to come.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lx2 Photo Contest

A couple of weeks ago I entered the CAO LX2 Photo Contest by Stogie Fresh. After coming up with a few ideas I settled on these two ideas/pics.

For the first pic I created a background of the Lx2 ring with a kaleidoscope effect using Pixlr (an online image/photo editor). Then added a cropped photo of my brother Chris and I enjoying our first Lx2's

For the second pic I wanted to be a little more imaginative. I ended up placing the Lx2 in a Jedi tunic I borrowed from Qui-Gon Jinn. And giving him bailing wire arms to hold his lightsaber. Then I setup Ryan's Galactic Heroes Cantina scene and placed him in it. I put up a small caption and voila.

So later that weekend I received an email from Doc at Stogie Fresh informing me that I had been selected as a winner but that I'd have to wait a few more days to found out which place. Then finally on Wednesday, Stogie Fresh posted the winners. I found out that I'd come in 2nd place and that I have won a box of Lx2 cigars. I can't even tell you how excited I was. I could have won just one cigar and I would have been excited. But a whole box of excellent cigars. WOW!

And then last night around 7:00 we saw the FedEx truck stop in front of the house. Although I was expecting my cigars, I hadn't heard if they had shipped yet. So we assumed the delivery was something else. That was until the box was sealed with CAO packing tape. My nearly jumped out of my chest when I saw that. I knew right away what it was and couldn't wait to open it.

I opened the package to reveal a beautiful black/grey velvet box of 20 Lx2 Toros. The packaging reminds me of the high quality that goes into to all CAO cigars/products. I opened the box and the aroma was exquisite. It's something everyone should get to experience.

Thanks again to CAO Cigars and Stogie Fresh for the awesome contest and prizes. I will enjoy every bit of these.

More requested.

It was politely brought to my attention, (thanks Andrea), that I hadn't posted any additional pics of Atom (We chose to change the spelling of the name vs. changing the name). So, here are a few that Ruthie has taken.

We've taken many more, I just need to go through them and get them uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

BTW, Atom is the best dog that we've ever had. Even though he is still a puppy and trying to test the waters at his new home, he is by far the most obediant, playful & lovable dog.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jackman Demolition Derby

A couple of weeks ago we were outside enjoying a gorgeous March day, sunny and 64°.  We were playing in the yard, riding bikes, t-ball, ... just about everything.  Then I caught my kids in a makeshift demolition derby.  I quickly shot some video of them.  

Friday, March 13, 2009

Twitter Trivia by

Let me admit something. I tend to be addictive/highly-passionate when it comes to certain things. Here are a few examples:

  1. My super-sexy wife Ruthie. How it is that I'm lucky enough to be with her is beyond me.

  2. Cigars. Although I had dabbled in cigars over the years, this past year I have really gotten into learning more and appreciating cigars.

  3. Gambling. I love to play card games. I can sit at a Blackjack table for hours and hours. Same goes for Texas Hold'em.

  4. Geocaching. I'm proud to say that I have found 138 caches in the 9 months since I took up this hobby. I think my personal daily record is 25. (That was a busy fun day)

And because of my passion towards cigars and gambling. It is almost impossible for me to pass up an opportunity to win cigar related contests. And yesterday @cigarinspector announced via Twitter, a great Twitter Trivia contest that starts next Thursday, March 19.

So follow the links and and get ready for this awesome contest. And if you haven't already, you need to sign up for a Twitter account. I'm amazed how many more actually contacts and friends I've made with Twitter than with any other social networking site. After you sign up, be sure to follow me @Se7en_Vandalay .

Happy Tweeting to all!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our newest member of the family.

For some time now Ruthie has been looking to get another dog for our family. She has repeatedly reminded me of Ryan's love of dogs and that every little boy needs a dog. She was even kind enough to send me the following video:

She started looking into dogs that have been trained through the
Colorado Correctional Industries Prison K9 Training Program. Because everyone knows it's better to have a dog that already knows how to drive the getaway car. ;)

Seriously though, the dogs that go through the Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program (PTKCP), have been saved from other shelters or rescues. Here is a brief description of the program:

All dogs which are rescued by the PTKCP receive appropriate veterinary care. This includes spay or neuter, multiple vaccine, rabies vaccine, heart worm test, heart worm preventative and worming. Some dogs come to our program suffering from neglect, lack of proper nourishment, abuse and require what would be extraordinary veterinary care. No dog owned by the PTKCP, will leave the program intact (meaning not spayed or neutered) regardless of breed, registered or unregistered.

The training each dog receives covers many aspects. First, the program is an intensive socialization program. The dog learns to be around and greet many people. They live with many other dogs. Basic manners training includes sit to greet a person, sit to go through a door, crate training and house training. Basic obedience includes: sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, come when called, basic heeling on lead and we deal with any problem behaviors the dog has. Many dogs will go on to learn hand signals, or other tricks. We also feature confidence building with agility equipment training at some facilities.

The PTKCP is not tax supported.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, we saw Adam on the Colorado Correctional Industries website, along with a couple other dogs we thought we'd be interested in. We called and made an appointment to see these dogs on last Saturday, March 7. We took a beautiful Colorado road trip to Canon City.

We had an opportunity to visit with each dog that we had hoped to see. We even debated the possibility of getting two of them, because it was not an easy decision. In the end, we settled on Adam (his name for now).

Adam is a 6 - 8 month old puppy. Adam was donated to the PTKCP as a Great Pyrenees. Shortly after his arrival the trainers judged that he was not a Great Pyrenees. They think that he is quite the mix of Labrador, Collie, Australian Shepard and who-really-knows-what.

Here is a video of our time together meeting Adam:

We adopted him that day, but he still had a few more weeks to complete his training program. So we had to leave him behind but this has given us the chance to get more ready for his arrival. A few days later we received the call that we would be able to take him home on March 19. We will have to attend a two-hour adoption class so we learn the commands that he has learned.

So look forward to seeing Adam in upcoming posts/videos.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spontaneous Jackman Family Road Trip

Serendipity: the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.
Serendipity is the best way for me to describe the events of last weekend. We started the day on Friday with the understanding that we were needed to help family finish moving out of their house in Wyoming. We were all packed and had scheduled time off from work to get an early start.

However a call came at lunchtime that our assistance was no longer necessary. After the initial sting of this realization, we quickly made 'chicken salad out of chicken shit'. Ruthie and I decided we would still go out of town. We look at a couple of places and finally chose to go to Glenwood Springs, in western Colorado, and soak our cares away in the Hot Springs.

So I got home, packed a few additional items that we would now need for our new destination, including our new Flip MinoHD, on off we went.

Here is the first part of our journey. It includes our drive to Glenwood Springs, arrival & following morning.

For the record we did not end up at Bayou's for dinner. Breakfast-for-dinner sounded much better so we went next door to Village Inn.

Next I turned Millie loose with the Flip. She proceeds to give us a tour of the hotel and some antics with Ryan. Warning: Her cinematography is similar to Cloverfield. Some may find it nauseating. :)

This next clip is shortly after breakfast as we arrived at Glenwood Springs Hot Springs and some of our time there.

more to come later....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We have a new toy...

Isn't it great when you come home and have a package waiting for you.  Especially one that you weren't expecting for a couple more days.

It was like Christmas for me.  I couldn't get the package opened quick enough.  Before I knew it I had my new Flip MinoHD in my hot little hand.  Minutes later I'd gone through the quick setup and placed my new Flip on its' tripod and caught my kids being 'hams'.

I was amazed that right out of the box I could record a video, re-watch it on on the camera, take it downstairs and watch it on my big-screen.  And now I'm putting the video up on my blog.  Isn't technology great?

Although we have been thinking of getting a pocket-size camcorder for our upcoming trip to Mexico.  It was the confirmation of a twitter friend tattooedmommie that really helped me decide on getting a Flip.  Check out her blog at Me, Myself & Jonna.  Thanks Jonna.

So look for more vlogs/random videos in the coming days.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Who is Se7en and why does he love so much?

DISCLAIMER: Some of my images show my contest entry displayed in public parades and on national monuments. This is in no way done with any intention of disrespect or sense vandalism. I LOVE this country, it's traditions, it's celebrations and I WHOLLY respect our Flag and National Monuments. I hope all that view these images and read my submission will enjoy my images for what they are. --- My effort to win some FREE STUFF!!!

CAO America Bottlerocket - Contest Entry

"As some of you may have heard recently. sponsored a contest related to a cigar review of the CAO America BottleRocket."

"Shortly after the contest was announced we received notices that some unique banners started showing up in parades and celebrations across the country. It appears that one of's fans began distributing his banner nationwide requesting that recipients prominently display the banner in any and all patriotic celebrations."

"It would also appear that the individual behind the banner's creation, a Mr. Se7en, has gained access to some our nation's most notable monuments. His banners have been seen at the base of the Statue of Liberty, scaling the Washington Monument, hanging outside the Capitol Building as well as the White House."

"So now comes the question of who is Se7en? --- We have discovered that Se7en is the nickname of Michael Jackman. And he appears to be one of's biggest fans. Here he is proudly displaying one of his infamous banners surrounded by CAO America cigars and gear.

We asked 'Se7en' to tell us about the CAO America and"

"Although I had been smoking cigars on occasion for years now, I recently have plunged deeper into the world of a cigar aficionado. I found a local B&M that I trusted and enjoyed going to. As I began to realize which cigars I was drawn to, CAO immediately jumped to the front. I have frequently remarked on the quality and consistency of cigars from CAO. And I have probably enjoyed the America's most often (so far).

A few months ago I got into Twitter and quickly found
nyisles. I instantly found that his cigars reviews were better than most. I appreciated his honesty and opinions. I am proud to have the opportunity to display these banners. I think everyone should go to for any cigar related information first, before anywhere else.

Thanks Barry, this is all for you!"

"As you can see Se7en truly is one of's biggest fans. And if it were up to us, he'd definitely win that contest. Good Luck Se7en."

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cole Matthew

Earlier this week we got a new nephew. Cole Matthew. He was born Tuesday, February 10. He weight 8lbs 4oz and was 20-3/4" long.

Mom, Dad & baby are all doing well.

Now we need to get him some Orange & Blue and a nice CAO.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Ahhh.  Fridays & Battlestar Galactica.  It's hard to beat that.  

Although every Friday holds special regard to me.  Today was not without it's own unique instances which deserve to be remembered.  From completing three estimates totaling nearly $5 mil, to hearing another story of how "my new shoes are making my feet bleed", to a co-worker's poor Jeep (which he says means Just Empty Every Pocket) which continues to baffle his mechanic. to sitting down and enjoying a new cigar (Los Blancos Primos Habana Criollo).

And to top it all off....

All I can say is that I'm in total shock once again.  As I watched the events of Piece-Of-Shit-Gaeta's mutiny unfold I kept thinking of what a hypocrite I am.  Let me tell you why.  Over the past couple of years I have gained a new interest in American History, specifically the events of the Revolutionary War.  I admired the conviction of the Founding Fathers and like minded Americans.  Standing up for what they believed in, causing conflict with not only friends and neighbors, but family as well.  But then some how tonight I looked at the treasonous acts of the 'revolutionaries' with utter and complete disdain.  How can so many people be blind to reason?  

I guess the truth, like most things, is based on a certain point-of-view.  The Founding Fathers can be regarded as heroes and patriots because in the end they won and their cause prevailed.  If they hadn't they would have been nothing but insignificant heretics lost to the obscure pages of history.  

And with that I think the BSG revolutionaries are on the wrong side of what will be their history and why I want to see "the reckoning without any forgiveness or amnesty" come to fruition.  Starbuck is right to say that "these are no longer your men" to Adama.  They are the enemy. 

Wheh!  Guess we'll see what happens next Friday.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

So I just left a comment over at Cigar where they had just posted an article based on a comment from a "very popular discount cigar outlet ". The comments essentially labeled all individuals who choose to buy any boutique cigar as "brain dead people who happen to have money to burn."

Here was my comment:
"I guess it's because, I too am "brain dead with money to burn" that I partake of boutique cigars. It makes me curious of the author's motivation. Perhaps as a child they suffered a life-altering event which precludes them from the ability to not only make factual statements but also the level of comprehension that quality is not exclusive to the few."

This kind of simple mindedness infuriates me. The author's elitist tone rings loud and clear.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My first post . . .

Recently I've been thinking about blogging. So with a little encouragement from a buddy on Twitter, caosmoker, I've decided to jump right in.

And would you look at that...I'm blogging. And we already have something semi-fascinating to talk about. The Bowel Habits of Gerbils. A topic which we all know has been overshadowed into near obscurity.

So anyway. Let me know if there's anything on your mind. Or we can let my mind's randomness just continue to spout off.