Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lx2 Photo Contest

A couple of weeks ago I entered the CAO LX2 Photo Contest by Stogie Fresh. After coming up with a few ideas I settled on these two ideas/pics.

For the first pic I created a background of the Lx2 ring with a kaleidoscope effect using Pixlr (an online image/photo editor). Then added a cropped photo of my brother Chris and I enjoying our first Lx2's

For the second pic I wanted to be a little more imaginative. I ended up placing the Lx2 in a Jedi tunic I borrowed from Qui-Gon Jinn. And giving him bailing wire arms to hold his lightsaber. Then I setup Ryan's Galactic Heroes Cantina scene and placed him in it. I put up a small caption and voila.

So later that weekend I received an email from Doc at Stogie Fresh informing me that I had been selected as a winner but that I'd have to wait a few more days to found out which place. Then finally on Wednesday, Stogie Fresh posted the winners. I found out that I'd come in 2nd place and that I have won a box of Lx2 cigars. I can't even tell you how excited I was. I could have won just one cigar and I would have been excited. But a whole box of excellent cigars. WOW!

And then last night around 7:00 we saw the FedEx truck stop in front of the house. Although I was expecting my cigars, I hadn't heard if they had shipped yet. So we assumed the delivery was something else. That was until the box was sealed with CAO packing tape. My nearly jumped out of my chest when I saw that. I knew right away what it was and couldn't wait to open it.

I opened the package to reveal a beautiful black/grey velvet box of 20 Lx2 Toros. The packaging reminds me of the high quality that goes into to all CAO cigars/products. I opened the box and the aroma was exquisite. It's something everyone should get to experience.

Thanks again to CAO Cigars and Stogie Fresh for the awesome contest and prizes. I will enjoy every bit of these.

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