Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spontaneous Jackman Family Road Trip

Serendipity: the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.
Serendipity is the best way for me to describe the events of last weekend. We started the day on Friday with the understanding that we were needed to help family finish moving out of their house in Wyoming. We were all packed and had scheduled time off from work to get an early start.

However a call came at lunchtime that our assistance was no longer necessary. After the initial sting of this realization, we quickly made 'chicken salad out of chicken shit'. Ruthie and I decided we would still go out of town. We look at a couple of places and finally chose to go to Glenwood Springs, in western Colorado, and soak our cares away in the Hot Springs.

So I got home, packed a few additional items that we would now need for our new destination, including our new Flip MinoHD, on off we went.

Here is the first part of our journey. It includes our drive to Glenwood Springs, arrival & following morning.

For the record we did not end up at Bayou's for dinner. Breakfast-for-dinner sounded much better so we went next door to Village Inn.

Next I turned Millie loose with the Flip. She proceeds to give us a tour of the hotel and some antics with Ryan. Warning: Her cinematography is similar to Cloverfield. Some may find it nauseating. :)

This next clip is shortly after breakfast as we arrived at Glenwood Springs Hot Springs and some of our time there.

more to come later....

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  1. I love Millie's commentary...especially about the smell and look of the hot Springs. I wouldn't go in there if there were snakes either. My favorite part was when she asked her question and wanted an answer! She is adorable! :)