Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lately I've been so lucky...

So if you follow me on Twitter, you've seen just how lucky I've been lately.

Earlier this year I blogged about some of the cigar contests I had won. After winning about three of them, people started telling my that I had used up all of my luck in one brief stint.

Oh how they were wrong.

Earlier this week I received a package from Jon Huber at
CAO International. I was expecting this package after talking to him on Twitter about a ring that he had shown a couple of months ago.

Since the day he posted this pic, it has been my wallpaper at work. I've looked at them everyday and have spent hours pining for the day that I could wear one of them. Well three weeks ago I met the regional sales rep for CAO, Jeff Tinnell. He was wearing the Mx2 from above and told a story of how Jon had told him he could have the America when I got back to Nashville. The light in my head went off and I figured as long as he was handing them out, I better get in line and ask for one.

So I sent Jon a DM (Direct Message on Twitter) asking what I could do to get one of the remaining rings. I didn't hear back from him for a week or so because he was busy kicking of the Rock-n-Rolled Tour in MI & FL. He did get back to me once things calmed down for him. He said the ONLY one left was the Gold (far left) and that it was a 10-1/2. I told him that I would have to wear it like the pic, on my right pinkie, but that I would love to have it. Again I asked what I could do to get it. He came back and asked for my address and said it was mine. At this point I almost freaked out because how lucky I was and how nice Jon was to me.

So that is the back-story of the package that I was waiting for this week. So then Tuesday night comes around and we get home to the package waiting at the door. I was so excited that I immediately opened the box. Millie then thought something was terribly wrong because I was gasping and freaking out more than when I knew I was getting the ring. Jon had surprised me by including with the ring, a Rock N Rolled Bandanna, a sampler of Lx2's (a Beli, Toro & Rob) and a poker-chip/business card. I could barely contain my excitement. I tweeted with the pic that this felt like a top-10 life moment. I could not believe my luck.

Thanks again Jon.

Then the very next day, Wednesday, we were going to the Rockies-Astros games with phenomenal seats 16 rows up behind third base. These are tickets that Ruthie was given by a work-friend. That morning I told her that I was going to try to win tickets to Game 5 of the Nuggets-Mavericks Playoff Series. At that point the Nugs lead the series 3-1, so this could be the series dagger. In order to win tickets from Qwest, you had to be following @TicketQwest on twitter to get clues to a code word. Then show up at their location, give the code word and draw out a shirt from the table. If the shirt had 'Qwest' written on the inside of the shirt you would win 2 court side tickets to the game that night.

Well lunch came around and after discovering that the code word was "Qwest Wi-Fi", Chris and I went to the Qwest store to take a shot at winning the tickets. We walked into the store shortly after 12:00 when the contest started and there was already winner of one of the two pair of tickets. So from the get-go our chances of winning were less. I walked up and gave the code word.
Andrea Zediker with Qwest recognized me because this was the third time I had tried to win tickets in their contest. We said the obligatory 'The third time is a charm' mantra and I reached into the pile to grab an XL large t-shirt [because we all know how great a size or two too small of a t-shirt looks on me. ;) ]. Andrea took the shirt to inspect for the winning writing. She gave that look of you haven't won but I want to tease you by making you think that you have. Others in the room said that she had be doing that to everyone. She jumped back and said she wasn't kidding and revealed the writing on the inside of the shirt.

Once again I was completely freaked out. I was completely blown away.

Needless to say we chose to go the Nuggets game vs. the Rockies game. We had a great time. I knew this would be the case and Ruthie confirmed it, that she'd never be able to attend a regular game in regular seats again. This experience was the true pinnacle of basketball games for both of us.

Thanks Qwest.

Here is some of the video that I shot while at the game.

Here's the YouTube link for a bigger picture.

Not only have I been lucky with contests and gifts lately, but I've been even more lucky to have great friends all across the country, a beautiful daughter Millie, my mini-me Ryan and my super-sexy wife Ruthie.

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