Friday, January 30, 2009


Ahhh.  Fridays & Battlestar Galactica.  It's hard to beat that.  

Although every Friday holds special regard to me.  Today was not without it's own unique instances which deserve to be remembered.  From completing three estimates totaling nearly $5 mil, to hearing another story of how "my new shoes are making my feet bleed", to a co-worker's poor Jeep (which he says means Just Empty Every Pocket) which continues to baffle his mechanic. to sitting down and enjoying a new cigar (Los Blancos Primos Habana Criollo).

And to top it all off....

All I can say is that I'm in total shock once again.  As I watched the events of Piece-Of-Shit-Gaeta's mutiny unfold I kept thinking of what a hypocrite I am.  Let me tell you why.  Over the past couple of years I have gained a new interest in American History, specifically the events of the Revolutionary War.  I admired the conviction of the Founding Fathers and like minded Americans.  Standing up for what they believed in, causing conflict with not only friends and neighbors, but family as well.  But then some how tonight I looked at the treasonous acts of the 'revolutionaries' with utter and complete disdain.  How can so many people be blind to reason?  

I guess the truth, like most things, is based on a certain point-of-view.  The Founding Fathers can be regarded as heroes and patriots because in the end they won and their cause prevailed.  If they hadn't they would have been nothing but insignificant heretics lost to the obscure pages of history.  

And with that I think the BSG revolutionaries are on the wrong side of what will be their history and why I want to see "the reckoning without any forgiveness or amnesty" come to fruition.  Starbuck is right to say that "these are no longer your men" to Adama.  They are the enemy. 

Wheh!  Guess we'll see what happens next Friday.

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