Friday, February 20, 2009

Who is Se7en and why does he love so much?

DISCLAIMER: Some of my images show my contest entry displayed in public parades and on national monuments. This is in no way done with any intention of disrespect or sense vandalism. I LOVE this country, it's traditions, it's celebrations and I WHOLLY respect our Flag and National Monuments. I hope all that view these images and read my submission will enjoy my images for what they are. --- My effort to win some FREE STUFF!!!

CAO America Bottlerocket - Contest Entry

"As some of you may have heard recently. sponsored a contest related to a cigar review of the CAO America BottleRocket."

"Shortly after the contest was announced we received notices that some unique banners started showing up in parades and celebrations across the country. It appears that one of's fans began distributing his banner nationwide requesting that recipients prominently display the banner in any and all patriotic celebrations."

"It would also appear that the individual behind the banner's creation, a Mr. Se7en, has gained access to some our nation's most notable monuments. His banners have been seen at the base of the Statue of Liberty, scaling the Washington Monument, hanging outside the Capitol Building as well as the White House."

"So now comes the question of who is Se7en? --- We have discovered that Se7en is the nickname of Michael Jackman. And he appears to be one of's biggest fans. Here he is proudly displaying one of his infamous banners surrounded by CAO America cigars and gear.

We asked 'Se7en' to tell us about the CAO America and"

"Although I had been smoking cigars on occasion for years now, I recently have plunged deeper into the world of a cigar aficionado. I found a local B&M that I trusted and enjoyed going to. As I began to realize which cigars I was drawn to, CAO immediately jumped to the front. I have frequently remarked on the quality and consistency of cigars from CAO. And I have probably enjoyed the America's most often (so far).

A few months ago I got into Twitter and quickly found
nyisles. I instantly found that his cigars reviews were better than most. I appreciated his honesty and opinions. I am proud to have the opportunity to display these banners. I think everyone should go to for any cigar related information first, before anywhere else.

Thanks Barry, this is all for you!"

"As you can see Se7en truly is one of's biggest fans. And if it were up to us, he'd definitely win that contest. Good Luck Se7en."

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